We the Ministers and Partners of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition,

recognizing the need to ACT now to achieve the temperature goal of Paris Agreement, and to support sustainable development and efforts to eradicate poverty;

conscious that that the path we choose to achieve the Paris Agreement temperature goal is crucial and that URGENT action is needed to avoid dangerous climate risks and increase the ability for communities and ecosystems to adapt;

recognizing that the sources and impacts of air pollution and climate change are closely linked and that many air pollutants have important impacts on the climate;

acknowledging that SOLUTIONS exist now that can be implemented IMMEDIATELY;

buoyed by the recognition that solutions exist that are cost-effective, reduce poverty, improve health, and provide immediate local benefits as well as long-term global benefits;

affirming that our actions can both reduce emissions and spur the attainment of many sustainable development goals;


Our commitment to ACT to help deliver the full potential of the mitigation of short-lived climate pollutants (methane, HFC and black carbon) to supplement and enhance scaled-up actions on CO2, thereby

avoiding 0.6 C of predicted global warming by 2050,i thereby making a very significant contribution towards achieving the Paris Agreement temperature goal; and

avoiding over 50% of the predicted warming in the Arctic by 2050,ii thereby reducing irreversible Arctic sea ice melt, and thus significantly decreasing the chances of triggering dangerous climate tipping points.

We attach the following submission to the Talanoa Dialogue mandated by the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.