Disclosure is the bedrock of public accountability to climate targets. The process of disclosure allows corporations, cities, states, and regions to measure their carbon footprints, identify and prioritize areas where performance improvements can be made, and deliver meaningful reductions.

For the public, disclosure ensures transparency on the progress of a government or company towards reducing their carbon pollution and provides the clarity needed to benchmark progress towards ever more ambitious goals.

The demand for public accountability in companies and governments is increasing. The companies and governments that step up to this challenge will join the more than 6,300 companies with 55% of global market capitalization, 570 cities with a combined population of 608 million people, and 100 states and regions across 88 countries who annually disclose climate data through CDP — formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project — and other established benchmarking standards.

Corporations, investors, cities, states, and regions hold the key to meeting our emissions reduction targets under the Paris Agreement, to creating the thriving climate-proof economy upon which our future depends, and building the confidence and political will of national governments.

More must and needs to be done on this journey to a better, safer and more prosperous future for every man, woman and child. To that end, 300 more corporations, investors, cities, states, and regions are challenged to begin disclosing their climate performance ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit in September 2018.